Thursday, July 21, 2011

Where you been?

Wellllll.... I've been busy..... just not with button making I'm afraid. The dreadful rheumatoid arthritis and Lupus reared their ugly heads again. I was in remission for a while, but, well, these things happen I guess. The good news is that I was keeping busy with some spinning, and now that my hands are better I have been organising the buttons.

Orright! Deep Breath.... because there's an awful lot of them! All sets consist of 6 buttons, unless otherwise listed. I shall try to add photos tomorrow - especially of the minis available at the end of this list.

Glow Bunnies (20mm) they glow in the dark!      5 sets available $10 each

Little Red(20mm)        3 sets available $10 each

Inner Princess (20mm)        4 sets available $10 each

Flower Fairies (set 6) (20mm)     GONE!
Flower Fairies (set 4) (20mm)      GONE!

Hey Diddle Diddle (20mm)        2 sets available $10 each

Small Yellow Dawg (set 6) (15mm)   2 sets available $8 each

Small Yellow Dawg (set 5) (15mm)    1  set available $6
Large Yellow Dawg (set 6) (20mm)      1 set available $10

Buzzy Bees (20mm)         1 set available $10
Small Hoot (15mm)           2 sets available $8 each

Large Hoot (20mm)           1 set available $10

Small Green Sheepies (15mm)           GONE!

Large Green Sheepies (20mm)          GONE!

Pampered Pets (20mm)                GONE!

It was THIS big (20mm)                 1 set available $10
Jungle Boogie (20mm)                 4 sets available $10 each

Ye Harrr! (20mm)                       3 sets available $10 each

Large Farmer Ted’s Tractor (set 6)  (20mm)                     GONE!

Large Farmer Ted’s Tractor (set 4) (20mm)                      1 set available $6 each

Small Farmer Ted’s Tractor (set 6)  (15mm)                      2 sets available $8 each

Little Yellow Bird (20mm)                             1 set available $10
Buggy (set 2) (25mm)                       1 set available $8

 Green Monster (set 2) (25mm)                               2 sets available $8 each

Slug Monster (15mm)                              2 sets available $8 each

Polly Put the Kettle On (15mm)                             2 sets available $7 each

Bright Green Spotty (15mm)                                 1 set available $8

Black Spottie (set 3) (20mm)                               1
set available $5

Dan the Toucan (20mm)                              GONE!

Flora (15mm)                                   1 set available $7

Starfish (set 5)                                 2 sets available $6 each

Pink Pearl Hearts                                     2 sets available $6 each

Trees                              1 set available $6

Large Gold Stars                                   1 set available $6

Small Gold Stars (set 5)                                  GONE!

Toadstools                                     GONE! 

Turquoise Stars                                       3 sets available $6 each

Hibiscus Stars                                  1 set available $6

Spotty Flowers (set 5)                        GONE!

Red Squares (set 6)                              GONE!

Brown Squares
Buzzy Bees
Smll Gold Stars

Small Dark Green Tractors

Small Hibiscus Stars

Spotty Flowers

Turquoise Stars

Green Leaves
Pink Pearl Hearts

Red Squares

Dan the Toucan

Smal Red Tractors



Large Gold Stars

Large Silver Stars



Glow in the Dark Stars

Small Bright Green Tractors

Glow Bunnies
Right! Stupid ruddy Blogger has 'upgraded' and I am having a helluva lot of trouble with the layout and getting pictures to go where I want - I give up! I've been at this for HOURS! So, apologies for how it looks this time around. I've popped up some pictures of buttons that have not previously been offered, but the other buttons all have pictures in previous blog posts. Just yell if you want me to locate a pikky and pop it in here for you.

Payment is with Paypal or Direct Deposit.

I do post internationally, email me for a quote.

I can be found on Ravelry (I'm 'phezzit') or by email

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