Friday, April 29, 2011

Update time!

Here's the left overs from the button clubs, plus some extras that I have been working on...

20mm buttons: all sets of 6 are $10.00 each

"Garden Friends" (GONE!), "Little Yellow Bird" (1 left)

"Ye Harrrr" (1 set left), "Birds of a Feather"(GONE!)

"Mr Roboto" (GONE!), "Farmer Ted's Tractor" (GONE!)

"Flower Fairies"(1 available), "Underwater Round-Up"(GONE!)

"The Owl and the Pussycat"(I found another one!), "Hoot!" (1 left)

"Inner Princess" (3 sets available), "Little Red"(3 sets available)

"Jungle Boogie" (3 sets available), "Hey Diddle, Diddle" (3 sets available)

"Sheepies" (gone!), "Yellow Dawg"(3 sets available)

"Pampered Pets" (2 sets available), "It was THIS big!"(2 available)

"Black Spottie" $5 (1 left)

15mm buttons: various prices

"Bright Green Spotty" (1 left) $8 a set, "Sheepies"(GONE!) $8 a set

"Slug Monster" (2 sets available) $8 a set

25mm buttons:

"Green Monster" (2 sets availabble) $8 each set


These are a special lot of buttons that I have finally found the perfect base for - all are shimmery tones of spring green, teal and purple.These buttons will be sold seperately. Each card shows the colours available in each style. Limited amounts of each design and colour are available.

"Morpho"; 40mm across; 3 teal available; $3 each

"Ulysses"; 25mm across; 7 green/4 teal available; $2 each

"Swallowtail"; 40mm across; 2 green/2 purple available, $4 each

"Peacock"; 50mm across; 1 green/2 teal/ 2 purple available, $3 each

"Birdwing"; 50mm across; 2 teal available; $3 each

"Monarch"; 48mm across; 3 green/2 purple available; $3 each

"Common Blue"; 25mm across; 3 green/ 1 teal/ 5 purple available; $3 each

I can be contacted either on Ravelry (I'm 'phezzit') or by emailing me on:

Payment is either by Direct Deosit or with Paypal.


  1. Your buttons are amazing! WOW! What does postage to NZ cost? How many sets can you fit in an envelope ;)

  2. Thanks :) I can fit at least 4 sets into an envelope and postage to NZ is usually somewhere around the AU$3.00 mark

    Cheers, Jo