Sunday, August 21, 2011

A quick couple more...

'Tree of Life - purple', 20mm (set of 6), $10.00, 2 sets available

'What a Hoot' - light pink, 20mm (set of 6), $10.00, 1 set left!

Payment is with Direct Deposit into my bank account or Paypal.

where else? Ravelry - I'm 'phezzit'

I do post internationally - ask me for a quote.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Can you smell Spring?

I can. The air smells different, the birds are chirping, short sleeves and skirts are being dragged out of the deep depths of the wardrobe. Bliss.
I have some new designs!

'Fruit Salad', 20mm (set 6), $10.00 a set, 2 sets left!

'Threesome', 15mm (set 6), $8.00 a set, 6 sets available


'Gingerbread Man', 15mm (set 6), $9.00 a set, 1 set left!... can be made to order

'Tree of Life - pink/green', 25mm (set 2), $8 a set, 2 sets available

'Blue Bird', 20mm (set 6), $8.00  a set, 2 sets available... can be made to order

'What a Hoot!', 20mm (set 6), $10.00 a set, 1 set left!.... can be made to order.

'Tree of Life - aqua/silver', 25mm (set 2), ALL GONE!

Still available....

'Blue Wren', 20mm (set 6), $8.00 a set, 2 sets available

'Just Ducky', 20mm (set 6), $8.00 a set, 3 sets available

'Rockin' Robin', 20mm (set 6), $8.00 a set, 2 sets available

Some orphans.....

'Spotty Orphans', 20mm (set 5), $6.00 a set, 1 set left!

'Orphan 1', 20mm (set 6), $10.00 a set, 1 left!

'Orphan 2', 15mm (set 6), $8.00 a set, 1 left!

'Orphan 3', 15mm (set 6), $8.00 a set, 1 left!

Postage is extra, I do send them internationally, ask for a quote!

Find me: I'm 'phezzit' on Ravelry

Have a great weekend everyone!


Update on it's way!

Hopefully it will be up and running by this afternoon :) Just gotta take a couple more pikkies...