Saturday, May 16, 2009

Uh-oh, it's catching....

.....the spinning bug, that is! Seems like my li'l sis likes to spin too and is disgustingly good at it for someone just beginning. I hate to see what she's producing a year from now, it's gonna make poor ol' big-sis-Yoda look like a rank amateur. Just look at what the clever bugger's created:

She's calling this "Thunder Faeries" and I've managed to talk her into parting with it for only $18. It's 100gms and approx. 130 metres. It's made from 21.5 micron hand dyed merino and firestar (to give it that extra special sparkle). It can be bought through me on Rav (Phezzit) or email her directly on ""

Someone please buy it before I do something silly like buy it myself to make something warm and snuggly from...... help meeeeee!