Sunday, November 29, 2009

Woolly tops, cotton tops and skirts!

As promised, I have the rest photographed and up here for purchase.

Hand Dyed Merino Tops

All tops are 100gm lots of Australian Merino wool, hand dyed by moi in the evil scientist's lab...

"A Daring Escape", super fine 18 micron merino, $17 a top (2 left)

"Reckless Behaviour", super fine 18 micron merino, $17 a top (2 left)

Back by popular demand I have a couple more "Magnolia Weekends" up for grabs. Super fine 18 micron merino $17 each

"Country Boot", fine 20 micron merino $16 a top (3 available)

"Chipped Nail Polish", Fine 20 micron merino $16 a top, (3 available)

"Ute Full o' Yobbos", All gone!

"Shameless Hussy", super fine 18 micron merino, $17 a top (only 1 left!)


Featuring elastic waist, top stitching and ribbon detail. A very girly treat indeed! All are $12.
Sizes are age based.

Pink floral print with darker green satin band: SOLD

Pink floral print with brown band: size 2

Pale pink floral print with band: size 6/7

Floral print with band: size 2

Pink floral pattern with green satin band: size 6/7

Pale pink floral print with darker green satin band: SOLD

Girls tops/toddler dresses

These would suit as either gorgeous summer tops for girls or sweet little toddler dresses. They feature a ribbon trim as well as ribon ties at the shoulders for extra added girliness. All are $10 and made from cotton.

Strawberry print: size 1/2 (as a top)

Blue with pink floral print: size 2/3 (as a top) SOLD

Cherry print: size 3 (as a top)

Pink floral print with hot pink ribbon ties : SOLD

Pink floral print: size 2/3 (as a top) SOLD

Of course, as always, I'm cruising around on Ravelry somewhere making mischeif (I'm phezzit), or can be emailed on

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Market goodies!

The first Handmade Market was held today and was a roaring success. A great crowd turned up and the quality and range of products were astounding. Many people were asking when the next one's going to be..... and the answer is - the end of January!

I have a few things left over to sell on here, so without further fussing, here they are:

Girl's Clothing
Fairy Skirts.... Featuring elasticised waist for comfortable fit. All are $16 each

Light Pink: size 3

Purple: size 4

Hot Pink: size 3

Orange: size 1

Red: size 3

Rainbow: size 2 SOLD

Toddler Dresses.... Featuring top stitching and snap enclosures with button detail. 100% cotton fabric. Sizes are age based. All dresses are $20.

Cherries: size 2/3

Red with white polka dots: size 3

Pink flowery: size 2

Strawberries: size 3


"Eclectic", merino, alpaca, silk and firestar, 9 batts available, $5 each, approx. 25gms each

"Blue Bayou" SOLD

"Cross Dresser", merino, silk, firestar and angora, 1 left, $7, 39gms

"Geisha Gets Her Groove On", shetland and merino wool, firestar and silk, 2 left, $7 each, 40gms each SALE PENDING

"Girly Bits", merino, silk, cotton, bamboo viscose, faux cashmere, icicle and firestar, 3 left, $9 each, approx. 50gms each

"King's Ransom", merino, silk, icicle and firestar, 1 left, $7, approx. 40gms


"Spring Fields", SOLD

"New Shoots", SOLD

"Proud as a Peacock" SOLD

"Tikkity-Boo" SOLD

"Bubble Gum"SOLD

"Little Red Riding Hood", 158gms, approx. 396 metres, DK/8 ply weight singles, merino/angora blend, $35

"2 Pot Screamer" SOLD

"Yesterday..... I Forgot!" SOLD

Items can be purchased by either contacting me on Ravelry (I'm phezzit) or on my email address:

Be back soon with even more as I get them organised (and after putting the terrible two to bed).

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

To market, to market!

The Handmade Market hits Hobart this weekend and The Bird and the Fish will be there with lots of crafty goodies. I'll load up the car with my fibres, hand dyed and handspun yarns and gorgeous kid's clothes.... as well as my trusty spinning wheel - Beryl!

Stall Holders include:

Barista Sista
Snowpea Handmade
Mahdi Chandler
Bucket Brigade
copycat design
She Sells Sea Glass
Fait main
shall design
Ruby Victoria
Twin Things
Dance in my Garden
What Katie Did Next
Fairy Goat Mumma
Little Snoring
Tizzy Bits
Loopee Designs
Little Black Crow Studio