Saturday, November 28, 2009

Market goodies!

The first Handmade Market was held today and was a roaring success. A great crowd turned up and the quality and range of products were astounding. Many people were asking when the next one's going to be..... and the answer is - the end of January!

I have a few things left over to sell on here, so without further fussing, here they are:

Girl's Clothing
Fairy Skirts.... Featuring elasticised waist for comfortable fit. All are $16 each

Light Pink: size 3

Purple: size 4

Hot Pink: size 3

Orange: size 1

Red: size 3

Rainbow: size 2 SOLD

Toddler Dresses.... Featuring top stitching and snap enclosures with button detail. 100% cotton fabric. Sizes are age based. All dresses are $20.

Cherries: size 2/3

Red with white polka dots: size 3

Pink flowery: size 2

Strawberries: size 3


"Eclectic", merino, alpaca, silk and firestar, 9 batts available, $5 each, approx. 25gms each

"Blue Bayou" SOLD

"Cross Dresser", merino, silk, firestar and angora, 1 left, $7, 39gms

"Geisha Gets Her Groove On", shetland and merino wool, firestar and silk, 2 left, $7 each, 40gms each SALE PENDING

"Girly Bits", merino, silk, cotton, bamboo viscose, faux cashmere, icicle and firestar, 3 left, $9 each, approx. 50gms each

"King's Ransom", merino, silk, icicle and firestar, 1 left, $7, approx. 40gms


"Spring Fields", SOLD

"New Shoots", SOLD

"Proud as a Peacock" SOLD

"Tikkity-Boo" SOLD

"Bubble Gum"SOLD

"Little Red Riding Hood", 158gms, approx. 396 metres, DK/8 ply weight singles, merino/angora blend, $35

"2 Pot Screamer" SOLD

"Yesterday..... I Forgot!" SOLD

Items can be purchased by either contacting me on Ravelry (I'm phezzit) or on my email address:

Be back soon with even more as I get them organised (and after putting the terrible two to bed).

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