Saturday, December 18, 2010

The last reveal...

Here are what the lucky club members received for their last club instalments for December:

The Boy Club:
Some Glow-in-the-dark monsters!

The Girly Club:
"Birds of a Feather", glittery, pretty buttons!

The Unisex Club:
"Garden Friends"..... a little secret: some of their bits glow in the dark!!!

The Brooch Club:
This time we went with whatever the clubber's requested, and strangely enough there were some requests that were the same!

"Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat"

"Snow Angel"

"Tea and Knitting" for a very dear lady.

OK, so it’s time to start thinking about more clubs. For the next round I shall offer a Boy Club, Girly Club and a Unisex Club.

I suspect that the prices may go up a little too so as to properly cover materials, time and postage. I’ll let you all know how much by soon once I sit down and do my sums, but I expect it shall raise from $10 a month to $14 a month :)

Feel free to let me know here whether you’re interested and I’ll email you next year for confirmation and more details. I hope to get the next club signed up in January and begin sending out in February.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year everyone,



Sunday, December 12, 2010

Batch 3

Phew! Final batch here for your perusal :) These are the mini buttons that were given to club members as an extra freebie, and the larger button designs.

'Sub and bubbles' set of 4 minis. GONE!

'Sparkle Flowers' set 5 sparkly minis, 2 sets available, $4.00 a set

'Spotty Flowers', set of 5 minis, 1 set only, $4.00

'Stripey Stars', set of 5 minis,

'Pink Hearts', set 5 minis, GONE!

'Hoot', set of 2 25mm buttons, 1 set only $8.00

'Pac Attack', set of 5 25mm buttons, GONE!

'Mousie', GONE!

'Buggy', set of 2 25mm buttons, 1 only, $8.00

'Penguins', GONE!

'Green Monster', GONE!

'Mermaids', GONE!

There we have it! That's all I have at the moment... that is until my little shipment of bags comes in and then I'll have some more minis to part with.

PM me on Ravelry 'phezzit' or email:

Cheers, Jo

Batch 2

These buttons are all 20mm, gloss sealed. Some of these are left over sets from the last 3 boy, girl and unisex button clubs. there are also some random club buttons that either didn't make the cut or were extras that I have rounded up into a set - called "Round-Up's".

'Birds of a Feather' (girly club December) 4 sets available, $10.00 a set. The pink and blue buttons are sparkly!

'Under the Sea' (unisex club November) GONE!

'Norman the Gnome' (boy club October) GONE!

'Girly Round-up' is a mixture of some club buttons and some other test designs. 1 set only! $10.00

'Bears in the Woods' is another mixture set of left over button club buttons.

'Glow Monsters' (boy club December) as the name suggests, these buttons glow in the dark! 2 sets available, $10.00 a set

'Forest Friends' (boy club November) 1 set left! $10.00

'Babushka' (girly club November) 2 sets available, $10.00 a set

'Spring Ladybug' (girly club October) 1 set left! $10.00

'Undrwater Round-up' A collection of the unisex November club orphan buttons. 1 set only! $10.00

'Pink and Blue Birds' lefts overs from the December girly club. Sparkles galore! 1 set only, $10.00

'Singing Bird' More Girly left overs of a bronze-coloured soarkle for the base. 1 set only! $10.00

'Little Yellow Bird' Yep, more left overs of birds that didn't make the final cut. 1 set only! $10.00

'Garden Friends' (unisex club December) 1 set left! $10.00

'Lady Buggles' 18mm shaped buttons, 1 set only, $10.00

'Black Spottie' 1 set only (3 buttons) $4.00

OK, one batch to go - the minis and the bigguns!

PM me on Ravelry 'phezzit' or email:

Cheers, Jo

Batch 1

I've had to divide the update into several batches as there are quite a few styles up for grabs. This group are all 15mm buttons, all have a sealant applied - some matt and some gloss.

Purple Cupcakes (set 6) 2 sets available $8.00 a set

Flora (set 6) 2 sets available $8.00 a set

Polly Put the Kettle on (set 6) 2 sets available $8.00 a set

Pink Birdies (set 6)

Slug Monster (set 6) 2 sets available $8 a set

Sheepies (set 6) GONE!

Penguins (set 6) 1 set left! $8.00

Spotty Monsters (set 6) 2 sets available $8.00 a set

Farmer Ted's Tractor (set 6)

Farmyard Frenzy (set 5) GONE!

Duckies (set 5) 1 set left! $7.00

Bright Green Spotties (set 6) 1 set left! $8.00

Robin Redbreast (set 6) 1 left! $8.00

Peep! (set 6) 1 set left! $8.00

Girlies (set 6)

Moo! (set 6) 1 set left! $8.00

Octopus (set 5) 1 set left! $7.00

I can be PMd on Ravelry "phezzit" or email me on: