Sunday, December 12, 2010

Batch 3

Phew! Final batch here for your perusal :) These are the mini buttons that were given to club members as an extra freebie, and the larger button designs.

'Sub and bubbles' set of 4 minis. GONE!

'Sparkle Flowers' set 5 sparkly minis, 2 sets available, $4.00 a set

'Spotty Flowers', set of 5 minis, 1 set only, $4.00

'Stripey Stars', set of 5 minis,

'Pink Hearts', set 5 minis, GONE!

'Hoot', set of 2 25mm buttons, 1 set only $8.00

'Pac Attack', set of 5 25mm buttons, GONE!

'Mousie', GONE!

'Buggy', set of 2 25mm buttons, 1 only, $8.00

'Penguins', GONE!

'Green Monster', GONE!

'Mermaids', GONE!

There we have it! That's all I have at the moment... that is until my little shipment of bags comes in and then I'll have some more minis to part with.

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Cheers, Jo

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