Sunday, December 12, 2010

Batch 2

These buttons are all 20mm, gloss sealed. Some of these are left over sets from the last 3 boy, girl and unisex button clubs. there are also some random club buttons that either didn't make the cut or were extras that I have rounded up into a set - called "Round-Up's".

'Birds of a Feather' (girly club December) 4 sets available, $10.00 a set. The pink and blue buttons are sparkly!

'Under the Sea' (unisex club November) GONE!

'Norman the Gnome' (boy club October) GONE!

'Girly Round-up' is a mixture of some club buttons and some other test designs. 1 set only! $10.00

'Bears in the Woods' is another mixture set of left over button club buttons.

'Glow Monsters' (boy club December) as the name suggests, these buttons glow in the dark! 2 sets available, $10.00 a set

'Forest Friends' (boy club November) 1 set left! $10.00

'Babushka' (girly club November) 2 sets available, $10.00 a set

'Spring Ladybug' (girly club October) 1 set left! $10.00

'Undrwater Round-up' A collection of the unisex November club orphan buttons. 1 set only! $10.00

'Pink and Blue Birds' lefts overs from the December girly club. Sparkles galore! 1 set only, $10.00

'Singing Bird' More Girly left overs of a bronze-coloured soarkle for the base. 1 set only! $10.00

'Little Yellow Bird' Yep, more left overs of birds that didn't make the final cut. 1 set only! $10.00

'Garden Friends' (unisex club December) 1 set left! $10.00

'Lady Buggles' 18mm shaped buttons, 1 set only, $10.00

'Black Spottie' 1 set only (3 buttons) $4.00

OK, one batch to go - the minis and the bigguns!

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Cheers, Jo

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