Friday, August 6, 2010

Update Time...

Phew! What a treasure trove of buttons I'm collecting these days. I just wish I had the time to knit and sew lots and lots of things to pop them all on. Alas, my efforts at growing an extra set of arms have failed and so here we are.

Here you'll find all of the latest designs I have been creating lately and the remainder of my stock in the other designs can be found at the July 3rd entry on this blog.


15mm "Girlies" (set 6) $8.00 4 sets available

15mm "Sheepies" (set 6) SOLD!

15mm "Moo" (set 6) $8.00 3 sets available (set 4) $6.00 1 set left!

15mm "Farmer Ted's Tractor" (set 6) $8.00 2 sets available (set 5) $7.00 1 set left!

15mm "Quack" (set 6) $8.00 3 sets available

15mm "Peep" (set 6) $8.00 2 sets available

15mm "Pink Birdies" (set 6) $8.00 2 sets available

15mm "Blue Moon" (set 6) $8.00 1 set left!

15mm "Yellow Moon Owl" (set 6) $8.00 SOLD!

25mm "Penguins" (set 2) $8.00 2 sets available

25mm "Owls" (set 2) $8.00 3 sets available

15mm "Penguins" (set 6) $8.00 3 sets available

15mm "Farmyard Frenzy" (set 5) $7.00 4 sets available

25mm "Fairies" (set 2) SOLD!

25mm "Mermaids" (set 2) SOLD!

25mm "Squeak!" (set 2) $8.00 3 sets available

25mm "Caterpillars" (set 2) $8.00 3 sets available

All prices do not include postage. Postage and packaging is extra at the time of ordering and usually does not exceed $2.00.

To order I can be contacted either through Ravelry - I'm 'phezzit' or email:

Somethng not here that you were dying to see? PM or email me and we'll have a chat about your ideas. I am playing with the idea of starting up a button and/or a badge club - let me know if you think it's a good idea and I'll look further into it.

Also in the works for those of you who are on Ravelry is a Bird and the Fish group!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More soon...

Hi all,

Looking towards an update this Friday. The buttons in my last post have all now been updated with current stocks available of each.

What's coming?
  • Fairies
  • Little Girls
  • Farmyard Frolics
  • Owls
  • More caterpillars
  • More, more, more...
Update scheduled for Friday the 6th of August at approx. 7pm. Hope to see you there!