Monday, February 16, 2009

More Fibre Porn!

Well, those bright ones dried early, so here they are:

Blue Rinse (200gms available)

Flirt (100gms available)

Maurice the Bullfrog (SOLD!)

Town Bike (SOLD!)

...And some extra fibre porn to keep you going for a while...

Bit of Fibre in Your Diet!

Here's the latest batch of dye ups for perusing pleasure. There are a couple more bright ones drying yet that I'll add in a couple of days. Without further ado, here 'tis!

"Dragon fly Wings"(SOLD!)

"Sugar High" (200gms left)

"Edna's Garden" (sold)

"Dirt Baboon" (SOLD!)

"Big Green Fish" (sold)

Prices are: $16 per 100gms, and $20 per 100gms spun.
Email me on or find me on Ravelry as "Phezzit".

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Chinese Laundry...

Isn't it amazing what you can accomplish in a couple of days when you've built up a head of steam? I got it into my mind this weekend that I was going to do a big dye up. The problem is where do you hang all of that wool to dry? The front verandah is now chok-full of all sorts of colours.... and there's still more to go up!

Now for the fun bit..... naming them! I know I had a hydranga in mind when I was dyeing up one lot and I felt the need to do a few pastels this time. It's almost too many for my liking, so it's back to the brights - I already have a bright blue and bright red dye up cooling off in the lab/kitchen! The hard bit is waiting for them to cool right off so I can rinse the wool and see what colours I've got.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Yaaa Hoooo!

A quick update.... they loved it and bought it all!!!! Now I have to get my butt into the mad scientist's lab to dye up some more......

To market, to market...

Well, I felt that it was high time I got out there and tried to find a nice outlet for my dyed fibres. So I'm off to the guild today to see what they think. Fingers crossed that they like the sight of this lovliness:

After all - I can always spin it and pet it myself!!

I spun up the scrummy "Pole Dancing" and it turned out a treat (wish I got to keep that one!!). Maybe I need to dye me up some more..

Friday, February 6, 2009

What's in the box?

What's in the box? Well, it's my handspun waiting for new homes. Here are a few orphans:

Top left: :Leapfrog on the Verandah", merino/angora plied with hand dyed merino, 100gms, approx. 185 metres, SOLD!

Top right: "Tangerine Glow", merino and angora, 100gms, approx. 240 metres, $20

Bottom left: "Sunset Over Teatree", 100% wool, 100gms, approx. 135 metres, SOLD!

Bottom right: "Peony", bamboo/optix/merino, 110gms, approx. 225 metres, SOLD!

I've run out of undyed roving, so now I have to twiddle my thumbs until the new bump arrives, but I did manage to finish dyeing up one last little bit....

"Dirty Dancing", 100gms, 22 micron hand dyed merino, SOLD. 1 available, although I also have a 50gm one as well... $8

I also have 2 x 100gm amounts of "Pole Dancing" (SOLD!) and "Blue Bum Lizard" (SOLD!) for sale at $16 each.

I can be contacted by email at: for purchases or enquiries

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nooorty Names....

I'm really enjoying naming some the creations coming off my wheel, and now I have all this dyeing to name as well.... double the fun! I intend to sit down with my book o' nonsense and start writing down some naughty and fun names for things as they come to me. I've also been buying up more dyes, so there's no excuse not to have some huge dye ups once the merino bump has arrived. I've just about run out of the bit of plain merino I had here, and I still have all these gorgeous colour combinations running through my head.

This one has yet to be named.... hmmmmn......

"Pole Dancing"! How's that? Yeah, that'll do!