Thursday, June 4, 2009

Once you invite Angelina into your home....

.....she never leaves!! Angelina (or firestar) is a beautiful, shiny, whispy substance that adds some amazing shine and glitter to your spinning. Unfortunately it also gets everywhere - and I mean everywhere! I's loves it though!!

It's time for a long overdue update I think, so I've rounded up a few strays and ahve them in a safe environment where they're looked at, fantacised about and occasionally fondled!

First up, some handspun:
"Summer Flung" merino, angora, blue faced leicester and silk - it doesn't get too much more luxurious than that! SOLD!

"Little Bird" 21.5 micron hand dyed merino. SOLD!

"Blackberry and Apple Crumble" merino, angora, blue faced leicester and silk.

"3 Sheets in the Wind" 20 micron hand dyed merino, SOLD!

"Southport Storm" merino and angora, SOLD!
"Love-in-a-mist" 21.5 micron hand dyed merino, 80gm skein available SOLD!

"Warm Autumn Days" 100% wool (merino and polwarth), 110 gm skein available SOLD!

"Raspberry Geisha" a gorgeous mix of merino, angora and that sparkly firestar!
140gm skein (SOLD!), 125gm skein (SOLD!) and 65gm skein (SOLD!) available, 8ply (DK) weight

And last, but not least....another soft skein from the wayward sister! This one's called "Stormy Dawn". It's a thick and thin yarn varying between an 8ply and a 10ply. 100% merino wool skein of 135gms is available (SOLD!)

There's also quite a few rovings looking for homes. They are all 100gms and $15 each.
Left to right: "3 Sheets in the Wind" (SOLD!), "1985" (SOLD!), "Frocked Up" (SOLD!)

"Summer Fling" (1 left!), "Smiling Eyes" (SOLD!), "Dragonfly Wings" (SOLD!)

"Ocean Jewels" (SOLD!), "Love-in-aMist" (SOLD!), "favourite Undies"

There are lots more to be found on my handspun stash page on Ravelry. Click on the one you like and you can find information on prices and meterage and fibres in the notes. Rovings can be spun up at $22 per 100gms into any specified ply. Different fibres spun may attract a higher price.

To purchase PM me on Ravelry (I'm "phezzit"). I take Paypal or Direct deposit payments.

Postage is extra.

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  1. Hi Jo, there is a little award waiting for you on my arty crafty blog. You can paste it onto your side bar if you like.
    One day i will be fast enough to purchase one of your yarns!!