Monday, March 2, 2009

Short and curlies....

Bothwell!! Wowee.

The Bothwell Spin In was held this weekend in - you guessed it - Bothwell! What a fabulous idea for fibre freaks such as myself!

I think that what makes it worse for the wallet is taking a newly recruited fibre freak with you, namely, my sister. That girl sure gets a quick, sharp eye for the good stuff! We came away with a kilo of cormo each for $20 and the money went towards the fire appeal, so we were well chuffed! I also bought a huge bag of some caramel coloured mixed breed that's lovely and soft and clean and should wash up nicely.

Surprise of the day went to the lady who told us to wash our delicate cormo by getting a staple at a time and rubbing it on velvet soap, then rinsing it. I thought that it would have felted it for sure, but I gave it a go and it actually worked! I know what I'm doing next weekend....

I also managed to find me a few other fibres that are a bit unusual, like possum fur and baby yak to try.

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  1. woowh you did well with the cormo fleece. I cant wait to see what it is like spun.