Monday, March 16, 2009

A little taster...

OK, so I've been dyeing again.... so here are a few pretties to look at. I have plans to do some more over the next week (family life permitting - ya know how it is!!), but the weather is a shocker in Tassie at the moment for us poor,mad buggers who like to dry wet wool, and there's only so much space inside to hang the stuff to dry by the heater (that is, without sending the husbeast bonkers!!).

Watermelon on Tuesdays (200gms available)

Flowers for Nan (200gms available)

Little Bird (300gms avaialable)

Spring Violets (all sold!)

I've made some prices changes too... $14 per 100gms for the roving and $22 per 100gms for the spun yarn.

There are also a few handspun yarns looking for a home... $22 per 100 gms

Maurice the Bullfrog (Maurice found a home, thanks!)

Southport Storm (merino/angora 100gms)

Tangerine Glow (SOLD!)

Nemo's Garden (SOLD!)

If you're interested in buying something, just drop me a line either on my email: or find me on Ravelry and PM me - I'm "phezzit"!

I wonder if I'll ever get that pink kimono cardigan finished....

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