Sunday, March 28, 2010

It's update time....

Well, it's been a while since I last got an update together. To tell the truth I had a combination of things happening that stopped me getting one up and running. There were orders to fill, markets, I found a new craft of weaving on a loom and I got my knitting mojo back! You know, I was just saying yesterday that I think that knitters never get bored - too much to do!

If you'd like to adopt one of these new fibrey friends just drop me a PM on ravelry (I'm "phezzit") or email me on:

Payment is by Paypal or Direct Deposit.

Hand Spun:

"Solar Flare", Optim and Bamboo Viscose handspun lace weight singles. Approx 850 metres, 136gms (in 3 skeins). $40

"Aquis", Blue faced leicester, seacell, optim and silk 8 ply weight. Appprox. 300 metres and 104gms. SOLD!

"Nemo's Garden", merino, blue fcaed leicester and angora. 8 ply/DK weight, 127gms and approx. 297 metres. SOLD

"Indian Summer", merino, angelina, angora, firestar and baby camel, 5 ply weight. 76gms $22

"Bright!" 20 micron handspun and dyed merino, 12 ply/bulky weight. 1 skein 105gms and approx. 95 metres, $22 PENDING. 1 skein 110gms and approx. 95 metres, SOLD

"Lavender Mist", merino and silk, 8ply weight, approx. 230 metres and 73gms. $18

"Electrify", hand spun and dyed superwash merino, 8ply weight, approx. 303metres and 105gms. $23 PENDING

"Stormy Dawn", 100% merino, 135gms, 10ply/bulky weight. $25

"Bush Walk", merino and angora, 8ply/DK weight. 1 skein 60gms, appprox. 175 metres (1 join), $12. 1 skein 70gms, approx 155 metres, $15

"Big Dave's Paddling Pool", blue faced leicester, silk, merino and bamboo, 5 ply weight, 75gms, approx. 225 metres, $25

Hand Dyed yarns:

"Razzy", 70% wool/30% acrylic. 2 x 100gm skeins available. 1 skein approx. 282 metres, 1 skein approx. 286 metres. $16 per skein

'Thunderous", 50% wool/50% acrylic, 4 x 50gm skeins, approx. 92 metres each skein. $8 each

"Spring Fever", 50% wool/50% acrylic, 4 x 50gm skeins, approx. 92 metres each skein. $8 each

"Sylvia", 70% wool/30% acrylic. 2 x 100gm skeins available, 1 skein approx. 216 metres, 1 skein approx. 221 metres, $16 each

"Selma", 50% wool/50% acrylic, 4 x 50gm skeins, approx. 92 metres each skein. $8 each

"Johnny's Got a Crush", 100% wool, 100gms, 8ply/DK weight, approx. 132 metres, $16 (2 joins)

"Sheldon", 100% wool, 96gms, 8ply/DK weight $16

"Lorelei", 100% wool base from Halycon Yarns. Not an overly soft yarn, 5 ply/sport weight yarn. 3 skeins available, 100gms, $15 each

"Aquatic Dreams", 100% wool, Bendigo Woollen Mills base “Seaquest”, 150gms, approx. 420 metres, $30

"Brutish", 100% wool, 151gms, approx. 517 metres, $30

"Sweet Pea", 100% BWM cotton base, 100gms, $14

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