Thursday, September 17, 2009

Look what I found hiding in the cupboard!

I've been trying to keep a little ahead of things by spinning up some extra when I spin an order - so now I have some full skeins sitting here, as well as some baby skeins that could come in handy for edging a garment or adding a feature.

"Cold Rock Candy" merino/angora and bamboo viscose, 1 skein x 135gms (SOLD!), 10 ply weight

"Sweet Nothings" merino/angora and bamboo viscose, 1 skein x 115gms (SOLD), 10 ply weight, $26

"2 pot Screamer" 20 micron hand dyed merino, 1 skein x 110gms (SOLD!) , 1 skein x 90gms (approx. 165 metres) $22, 10 ply weight

"Bubble Gum" 20 micron hand dyed merino, 1 skein x 100gms (SOLD) $24, 1 skein x 96gms (approx. 195 metres) $23, 10 ply weight

"Magnolia Weekends" 20 micron hand dyed merino, 1 skein x 100gms (SOLD!) 8 ply weight

"Bo Peep" silk, merino/angora and bamboo viscose/optim, 34gms, 3 ply yarn, 10 ply weight $10

"Storm Brewing" merino/angora, 1 skein x 60gms, 3 ply yarn, SOLD

"Raspberry Wine", merino/angora, 1 skein x 50gms, 10 ply weight SOLD

"Froggy Bog", 10gms, 5 ply weight SOLD

"Ocean Depths", merino angora, 1 x 64gms wound into a yarn cake (approx. 170 metres), 64 gms, 8 ply weight $15

"Ocean Jewels", merino/silk, 35gms 10 ply weight SOLD

"Vintage", 100% wool, 1 skein x 50gms 10 ply weight SOLD

"Sand Drifts", merino/angora, 44 gms, 3 ply yarn SOLD!

"Llama, llama, duck" optim/bamboo viscose, merino and alpaca, 3 ply yarn (wound into a yarn cake), 8 ply weight, 28gms SOLD

I also have some handspun from my sister who calls herself "River Coo". A "coo" is a gorgeous, big, shaggy cow that hails form Scotland and we have quite a few here on the farm. Here's a pikky of one of our beasties "Misty", who's about to give birth any day now... along with the rest of our herd of coos and then there'll be more little hairy beasties frolicking on the farm!!

"Bush Walk", merino/angora, 1 skein x 60gms (approx. 175 metres) $15, 1 skein x 70gms (approx. 155 metres) $12, 8 ply weight.

"Stormy Dawn", 100% merino, 1 skein x 135gms, chunky 10 ply weight $25

"Lavender mist", merino/silk, 1 skein x 30gms (approx. 90 metres) $8, 1 skein x 73gms (approx. 230 metres) $18,8 ply weight

To buy any of these beauties either PM me on Ravelry (I'm phezzit) or email me:

I take Paypal or Direct Deposit and postage and postage and packaging is extra.

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  1. oh my goodness, you have hairy coos! I met one up i scotland and they are the most beautiful things! I suppose they wouldn't get too hot down in tassie! all that lovely hair! (have you tried spinning it? might be like bison!!)