Saturday, April 18, 2009

Life gets in the way...

Isn't it dreadful when life gets in the way of getting done what you reallly want to do? I had a whole day - a whole day! - to myself so that I could get a heap of stuff done (spinning and dyeing). Be buggered if that was going to happen! Every time I plan a day to just do what I want it gets messed up with life! At least I can't say that life is boring, eh?

However... I did get something done, plus an experiment or two.... and the wool that's been soaking for a week has mould starting to grow on it...!

Watermelon On Tuesdays (SOLD)

Opalescence (not for sale - just playing around!)

Shiny, shiny! (more to come folks!)

The plan? To do some dyeing and carding - oh, and spinning - tomorrow! Doubt I'll do it all, but I'll give it a red-hot go! I've just purchased a kilo of merino/silk which is calling out to me to do something yummy with it.... Raspberry Tiger perhaps?

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